Providers caring for residents in Nursing Facilities are required to respond to large numbers of communications from nurses regarding clinical issues. The timing, subject-matter, and quantity of these communications from nurses are major reasons why providers express dissatisfaction and "burn out" from providing care to residents in these facilities. eMediCall provides an effective solution to this issue. Providers who use eMediCall are universally satisfied with the system, as it improves their quality of life with regards to being on-call.

Advantages for Practitioners

  • Saves time for providers, do not have to wait on phone for nurse.
  • Messages prioritized, so the provider can decide if they need to respond immediately or if it can wait until their current task is completed.
  • Handle large volume of calls efficiently.
  • Hold delivery of FYI issues overnight to minimize wake up calls in the middle of the night.
  • Minimize miscommunication.
  • Instant notification from facility/nurse practitioner (eliminates answering service)
  • Anytime access to messages (admissions, ER transfers, quality assurance issues, continuity across shifts)
  • Phone call is not needed to notify back up physician.
  • Automatic escalations to ensure patient issues are addressed.

eMediCall Office

Allows office staff to directly communicate with practitioners. eMediCall Office efficiently reduces the need for telephone communications and the need for answering services. Providers can be notified directly and respond to clinical and administrative concerns without interruption to their current activities.

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