Communication between Skilled Nursing Facility nurses and medical practitioners providing care in these facilities has long been problematic. Clinical and regulatory mandates require nurses to contact providers for a myriad or reasons at all times of the day and night. This requires a considerable amount of time and results in much frustration. Frequent miscommunications and inaccurate documentation of telephone conversations often occur.

eMediCall provides a patented, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective solution to this problem resulting in greatly improved quality and satisfaction with the communication process. A significant potential cost savings for Nursing facilities can be estimated based on the volume of messages sent to Providers. It is reasonable to assume that, on average, two minutes of nursing time is spent per call and that an average hourly salary for a nurse is $25. Therefore, if 1,000 messages are sent in any given month, a savings of 2,000 minutes (33 hours) of nursing time, close to $1,000 per month, could be realized.

Advantages for Facilities

  • Saves time and money for nurses. No more waiting on hold for a practitioner.
  • Easy to use. Our nurse forms have been designed and tested for easy usability.
  • Running log of messages. And accurate message history can be used to educate nurses.
  • Accountability of time and content.
  • Continuity of patient care across shifts.
  • Valuable metrics. Abnormal lab results or high volume of specific types of messages can be easily identied.
  • State survey compliance. Message history can be used to support state audits.
  • Printable orders.

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