Latest Updates

  • Hospice

    Allows for instantaneous approvals, and team-based communications, for Hospice admissions.

    Hospice eligibility criteria integrated into the form facilities a timely and accurate approval of patient admission.

  • Patented

    The originality of eMediCall and rigor of process involved in the development and operation of eMediCall as a system of communication is protected by a United States Patent.

    BitSight Rating

    BitSight, security ratings leader, evaluated eMediCall with a significantly high score of 790 for Q4 2018.

How Does It Work?


  • eMediCall is a game-changer for the Long-term Care industry.
    Lorien Health Systems Lou Grimmel, CEO

    Lorien Health Systems

  • eMediCall has transformed the way our staff and physicians communicate. Through the convenience of eMedicall, the physician is now able to participate in the interdisciplinary decision making process like never before.
    FutureCare Health Scott Hanel, Nursing Home Administrator

    FutureCare Health

  • In my 20 years in LTC and geriatric medicine, I can't think of another product or service that has so quickly and dramatically improved communication in my practice!
    Brooke Grove Foundation Grace Brooke, Associate Medical Director

    Brooke Grove Foundation