eMediCall is a patented, secure, and innovative medical communication system that streamlines communications between practitioners and nursing staff in long term care (LTC) facilities.

Communication between practitioners and nursing staff in LTC facilities is often problematic using traditional methods of communication e.g. phone and answering services. Many factors contribute to this including: regulatory requirements to communicate all clinical changes, delayed responses from practitioners, large volume of calls, language barriers, "he said/she said" miscommunications, interruptions in nursing care to answer call-backs from practitioners, and waiting on the phone to speak with someone.

eMediCall addresses all of these issues while enhancing nursing efficiency, reducing communication errors, and allowing practitioners to efficiently manage large volumes of clinical communications, using just their smart phone or computer. Our system of communication has met with universal approval by clients (nurses, practitioners, and LTC facility administrators). Many users monitor eMediCall communications during their morning report, as a means of alerting nurses about potentially unstable residents who may need attention.

eMediCall's many benefits include:
  • Built-in clinical templates that prompt nurses to provide all pertinent clinical information, thus minimizing requests for more information and allowing providers to respond appropriately.
  • A message urgency informs the practitioner if the patient issue requires immediate attention or if it can wait until their current task is completed.
  • Automatic escalation policies and a scheduling system ensure that all messages are delivered and addressed by the appropriate practitioner in a timely manner.
  • Our Hospice-specific feature allows for instantaneous approvals for admissions, and team-based communications for Hospice admissions and triage. Field nurses can use the system to communicate clinical issues to providers and receive responses while still in a patient's home.
  • Deliveries of overnight FYI messages are held to minimize sleep disruptions for on-call practitioners.
  • Easy-to-use metrics facilitate analysis of data. Metrics allow for quality improvement interventions as part of daily clinical care, and for discussions at monthly Quality Improvement meetings.
  • All information is stored indefinitely and can be reviewed at any time. Many facilities rely on our system to retrieve orders given for specific patients to support State audits.

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