How We Stack Up

eMediCall offers many features that make us superior to "secure texting" solutions as a means of communicating between nurses and Providers in Skilled Nursing facilities. These features include those listed in the table below.

eMediCall Secure Texting Answering Service Normal Texting
HIPAA Compliant
Messages are sent to one provider only, eliminating confusion of multiple providers responding
Prioritized/Triaged messages
Automatic Escalations (based on message priority)
Delivery of FYI messages are held until morning, minimizing disturbance to providers' sleep.
Messages can be printed as patient orders and put into patient's chart.
Powerful Metrics (message volume, response times, escalations, etc)
Used to support State Audits
Unlimited searchable records stored securely and indefinitely
Prevents sending to invalid contacts
Desktop and mobile access.
eMediCall Secure Texting Answering Service Normal Texting

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